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29 April 2015

This is the brand-new Batmobile

B-roll footage shows Dark Knight’s new ride from upcoming Batman v Superman flick
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Holy Sudden Incapacitation, Batman - it's the new Batmobile!

Specifically, this is the new Batmobile from next year's Batman v Superman film, called Batman v Superman, and it will be driven by, um, Batman, in his fight against, um, Superman.

Unfortunately, that's all we know at this early stage. The video below is just 32 seconds of silent panning around the industrial design of the new car. It appears Christopher Nolan's ‘Tumbler' design from the last series of Bat-flicks has been refined into something a little lower and sleeker.

There's no word on gadgets - though the appearance of a pair of front-mounted CANNONS bodes well - nor is there any detail on a potential powertrain. The ‘Tumbler' from the previous Batman films, as we told you, featured a 5.7-litre Chevy V8 packing around 400bhp. "It's very reliable, and gives that great sound as well," Oscar-winning special effects maestro Chris Corbould told

Here's hoping the new one makes a great sound, too. Judging by the size of the tyres, the aforementioned cannons and small windscreen, it could be the sound of screaming...

Tell us, then: where does this fit in the pantheon of Batmobiles through the ages? grabs a ride in the Batmobile

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