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21 May 2015

This is the updated Volkswagen Vento

The German sedan gets another midlife makeover

Agasti Kaulgi
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A few days back, we told you what Volkswagen has in store for you in the next two years, where we mentioned that a new Vento is on its way to the showrooms. We can finally tell you what that Vento is all about. No, don't get your hopes up, this isn't a new model.

The new Vento is more of a facelift, and yes, the changes are purely cosmetic with no changes in the mechanicals. Why? Because it doesn't need to. It's already a mechanically sorted product in both - diesel, and petrol engine options. They also already have a diesel-auto combo with a DSG.

Getting back to the new Vento - upfront, the hood gets a more prominent crease running its length. The grille too, is more in sync with the VW design theme and gets bigger and bolder. Fog lamps see a design change too, along with a slight change in the headlamp design.

In the creature comfort department, there's the regular steering-mounted controls, Bluetooth, USB and aux carried over from the previous model. In addition, there's now electrically-folding ORVMs with integrated indicator lamps. And now, there's also a button to pop the boot from the outside, which for some strange reason, had been left out all these years. VW also offers a new colour scheme for the upholstery.

And that's pretty much everything that's new in the 'New' Vento. Oh yes, Volkswagen claims that it's now 7.5 per cent more efficient than before.

What? You expected more from the new Vento? Let us know in the comments below.

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