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22 May 2015

Meet the Fiat Aegea

The Linea’s successor has been unveiled in Istanbul
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Fiat has not been in the best of form for the past decade or so, but every couple of years, the Italian company serves a reminder of its enviable prowess at making delectable cars, even if they happen to be compact sedans. The just-revealed Aegea is a case in point.

The Aegea is the successor to the over-the-hill Linea, and boasts of some very Italian flourishes (note boomerang-shaped tail-lights and that very prominent central ridge on the bonnet). Designed in Italy, and developed in Turkey, where Fiat has a significant presence, the Aegea is about 4.5 metres long and 1.78 metres wide, and will be, when it’s launched in India, aimed squarely at the likes of the VW Vento, Skoda Rapid and the Honda City.

Going by the loaded interior of the car introduced in Turkey, the cabin should be a pleasant place to be in. The Aegea gets a new infotainment system named 'UConnect' (which should replace the ageing Blue&Me system in India) with a 5-inch colour display and a range of connectivity options.

The car will be launched in Turkey at the end of the year, and we trust Fiat India will get moving and first showcase this beauty here early next year at the Auto Expo, before launching it in the second half of 2016. In India, the Aegea will likely be powered by the tried-and-trusted Multijet and T-Jet range of engines. The Multijet may be tuned to put out around 95 horses.

Will the same platform also form the basis for the next-generation Punto? Chances are high, but only time will tell. For now, tell us what you think of the Aegea.

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