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18 August 2011

First look: Jaguar C-X16 sketch

Jag teases us with sub-XK sports car sketch. Looks incredible. We are officially excited.

Matthew Jones
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We hoped they'd do it. We prayed they'd do it. And we sort of knew that they'd do it. Now, they've actually done it - brim your eyes with this: Jaguar's sub-XK C-X16 sportster production concept sketch.

And yep, you read that right - PRODUCTION concept. So this isn't some Design Dept. flight of fancy that's made from topsoil and runs on dreams. Jaguar actually wants to make this.

Nicknamed the XE, it has entirely dishonorable intentions for the Porsche market. And, according to the manufacturer, this is the precursor to a whole new wave of similarly sporty cars focused on dynamics, technology and design.

Alas, details of the oily bits are absent for now. But when it's officially revealed on September 13 at the Frankfurt motor show we should be able to tell you more.

For now, though, we know that it's been penned by the same team that scribbled the XJ, XF and XK outline. Which isn't a bad back catalogue.



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