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27 August 2011

Aston Martin Zagato road car revealed

V12 Vantage a bit too... cheap? Check out the roadgoing Zagato

Matthew Jones
Car image

Three HUNDRED and thirty thousand. That's precisely how many pounds you'll need to buy the roadgoing Aston Zagato. That's £239,105 more than the V12 Vantage it's based on...

So how are Aston justifying the price tag? It's all about the styling, it seems. Designed to celebrate the golden anniversary of the similarly handsome DB4 GT Zagato, the hand-built body - an aluminium and carbonfibre mélange - was penned by the Italian firm and sits on relatively untouched Vantage underwear.

The engine's standard, too - it's the 6.0-litre V12, which produces a piffling 510bhp and 420 lb ft of torque.

But it is very pretty. Very very pretty. And, considering just 150 are getting made, the chance of running into another one stands at comfortably long odds.

We'll be able to bring you more pics of it after this year's Frankfurt motor show - Aston's showing off the sister car to the one we drove around the Nurburgring and the concept originally shown at Villa d'Este concours.


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