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13 October 2011

Hill: Vettel won’t beat Schuey

1996 F1 world champion reckons Seb won’t be able to test Michael’s seven titles

Vijay Pattni
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It is a scientifically unproven and possibly massively inaccurate fact that every single F1 driver has a picture of Michael Schumacher on their bedroom walls with a hastily written post-it note which reads: "Beat Him".

Schuey, don't forget, is a seven-time Formula One world champion. That's many titles. And judging by Vettel's form this season, you wouldn't be chastised for placing a very large sum of money on the young, affable German being the only humanoid in existence capable of toppling the ‘Red Baron'.

That is of course, unless you listen to Damon Hill. The '96 world champ reckons Michael Schumacher's achievement of seven world titles "is very unlikely to ever be beaten".

Speaking to BBC Sport, Hill said that while "all things were working towards Michael come to that level of championships", he noted "there were objections to the level of winning he was doing, and they changed the sport".

F1, he says, is now more competitive than in Schuey's domination of the sport, and thus Vettel's other-worldly grasp on the title won't last for ever.

And he's not the only one. Schuey's former team mate and BBC F1 pundit David Coulthard also reckons Red Bull won't enjoy the same kind of dominance Ferrari did back in the late 90s and early 2000s, because "the conditions back then were so different".

"This is not the start of the ‘Red Bull era'", says DC. "The last two years have been nothing like 2002 or 2004 when Schumacher won the title with six races to go".

Neither took anything away from Vettel's fantastic talent, though, with Hill suggesting his brilliance could be cemented by forming a rivalry.

"I wouldn't like to guess what would happen if you put him up against a Hamilton," said Hill.

What do you lot reckon? Will the other teams come bouncing back next year, or can Red Bull - and Vettel - stay ahead of the curve?


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