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07 June 2017

Tesla drops Model Y teaser

New compact SUV expected to arrive in 2020

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Yesterday, at an annual shareholder meet, in California, Tesla unveiled the first teaser image for its new all-electric compact SUV, currently addressed as the Model Y. It doesn't reveal much, though, apart from the fact that it has no wing mirrors. The lines look quite similar to the Model 3's.

But expect it to be distinct, as CEO Elon Musk announced that the Model Y will be built on an all-new platform. The new platform is estimated to be ready for production by late-2019. Wing mirrors are currently necessitated by law, but that may change in the years to come, by when the Model Y will be ready. Oh, and it will feature a vastly more advanced and capable version of Autopilot.

This teaser is all we have for now. Expect artists to generate digital renders aplenty, while we a confirmed timeline of when Tesla will unveil the Model Y in full.

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