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03 January 2012

Bajaj's 'four-wheeler' is the RE60

Want to get those annoying kamikaze auto rickshaws off the roads? This may be your best bet...

Gagan Gupta
Car image

What you see here is Bajaj Auto's new replacement to the trusty old 3-wheeler, that's already a mass-favourite (and yet mass-menacing) in India. This is the secret 'four-wheeler' project Bajaj has been teasing about for a while. This is the RE60

Developed in house, the RE60 is aiming to set a global benchmark in CO2 emissions at 60 gm/km, while being tremendously fuel efficient at 35kpl.

The key technological and design innovations of the RE 60 that have resulted in the above emission and mileage figures are a light weight monocoque metal-polymer hybrid structure and a water cooled DTSi 4 valve engine with a closed loop fuel injection system. It also minimizes frictional and transmission losses.

TopGear.commers, do you think it's time our auto's got off the roads for this, or is this a bit too revolutionary for the common hop-on, hop-off commuter?


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