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07 February 2018

Electric future

TVS showcases three concept motorcycles with clean energy

Debabrata Sarkar
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With an eye on the future technologies, TVS kicked off Auto Expo with three concepts focussed on cleaner energy and more efficient power. First up, the Creon is a full electric scooter with sharp, futuristic styling. Based on an aluminium frame to make for an agile and lightweight scooter, the Creon is powered by three lithium-ion batteries and is capable of cracking the 0-60kph sprint in 5.1 seconds and an 80 kilometre range. Moreover, TVS has worked in conjunction with Intel to develop smart connected apps to further enhance the experience.

Further, TVS showcased a hybrid concept called the Zeppelin where a small electric powered motor enhances power delivery and efficiency to deliver the best of both worlds.

However, it is the integrated starter generator that is particularly interesting as it allows for instantaneous start up of the motor and is capable of capturing energy from regenerative processes. Further, the Zeppelin also features every technology of note like dual-channel ABS, 41mm upside-down forks, electronic speedo and online connectivity. TVS also presented an Apache RTR 200 capable of being powered by ethanol. The E85 version is capable of 21bhp and 18Nm of torque with a claimed top speed of 129kph.

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