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08 February 2018

Mercedes-Maybach S650 and S560 launched, E-Class All-Terrain showcased at the Auto Expo

Prices for the Maybachs start at Rs 1.94 crore while the All-Terrain will be launched later this year
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The first day of the 2018 Auto Expo was filled with concepts and electric cars. But, the whiff of premium leather and pocket-burning price tags seemed to be missing. Then came Mercedes-Benz. The German manufacturer launched two eye-wateringly expensive luxury sedans – the Mercedes-Maybach S650 and S560 while showcasing the E-Class All-Terrain and the Concept E.

The prices? The Mercedes-Maybach S650 costs a whopping Rs 2.73 crore, while the S560 is priced at Rs 1.94 crore. The difference is rather big, because while the S560 is assembled in India, the S650 remains a CBU. The S560 comes equipped with a 3928cc V8 engine that makes 462bhp at 5250-5500rpm, and 700Nm at 2000-4000rpm. This is mated to a 9-speed auto box, which gives the luxo-sedan the ability to do the 0-100kmph sprint in just 4.9 seconds, and keep going till it hits an electronically limited top speed of 250kmph. The S650, on the other hand, gets a 5980cc V12 motor, that puts out 741bhp and a stonking 1000Nm. Mated to a 7-speed automatic, allowing for a 4.7 second 0-100kmph time and again, a limited top speed of 250kmph.

On the inside, the Mercedes-Maybach S650 and S560 are extremely well appointed. The rear seats are electrically adjustable and get a memory function. The front passenger seat can be pushed all the way in front and it gets a footrest. The interiors are infinitely customisable and is feature acres and acres of wood and leather. The cars get all sorts of safety and driver-assist features as well.

The other highlight at the Mercedes-Benz stall was the E-Class All-Terrain. This will be one of the many new launches from the German carmaker over the course of the year. What the E-Class All Terrain essentially is, is an E-Class estate with increased ground clearance, body cladding and all-wheel drive. This will open up and entirely new segment for Mercedes in India, and the car will squarely take on the Volvo V90 Cross Country.

Along with the petrol and diesel powered cars, there was also an electric concept, Concept EQ. The Concept EQ is an electric SUV that features two electric motors, with a maximum system output of 300kW and a range of 500km. It features a design language completely different from conventionally powered Mercs as well. A total of 13 cars are being showcased by Mercedes-Benz at Auto Expo 2018, including their F1 car and the Mercedes-AMG GT R

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