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24 May 2018

There are 100 Bugatti Chirons in the world

100th Chiron is delivered to a customer in the Middle East. Who’d have guessed…
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The 100th Bugatti Chiron to roll off the company’s Molsheim production line has been delivered to its no doubt exceptionally wealthy owner, who lives somewhere in the Middle East. As specified – with its exposed, matt-finish carbon-fibre bodywork, red highlights, black wheels and red leather interior – it’s worth more than Rs 20 crore.

Bugatti handbuilds about 70 Chirons a year at its factory in France. It will build 500 in all – we’re not sure if that includes the inevitable Grand Sport & Super Sport versions – so delivery of the 100th car means we’re already a fifth of the way through the production run.

If you’re wondering just what goes into building a 1,479bhp, 261mph hypercar, click on these words to get your fill of factoids.

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