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27 January 2012

Obama’s old V8 300C for sale…

…for a million bucks. Commander In Chief’s old Chrysler goes on eBay
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Set aside your political affiliations for the moment, and check out this little gem on eBay: President Barack Obama's old Chrysler 300C is reportedly up for auction.

He may roll deep in an eight-inch thick armour-plated Cadillac-badged super-limousine replete with shotguns - which promptly got stuck on a speed bump in Dublin last year - but back before he threw his name into the Presidential hat, Obama used to run this Chrysler. Apparently.

The seller reckons he's got Obama's name on the car's paperwork, so take it how you will. For reference, there was a lot of buzz around this car a few years back when it was offered up on eBay the first time.

Still, you have to give the Pres' a nod of respect for running a 5.7-litre Hemi V8 as a Senator (he traded it in for a Ford Escape Hybrid when he ran for the White House), in which he covered around 20,000 miles. It packs 340bhp and 529Nm of torque, which is nice. Shame we're not getting a V8 in the new 300C...

Anyway, this is all fine and dandy, until you get to the starting bid. The seller, listed as cubfanatic23, has put that starting bid down as $1,000,000 (Rs 4.96 crore). Yes, Obama's old 300C, if indeed it is, is a cool thing, but a million bucks cool?

Check out the listing here - relisted as of this morning when nobody bid on it before - and let us know what you think below.

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