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17 July 2018

4th DMSC JK Tyre Autocross comes to a close

Meghalaya’s Babit Lyngdoh set the fastest time, and won the open class

Aatish Mishra
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The fourth edition of the DMSC JK Tyre 2018 Autocross drew to a close, with Meghalaya’s Babit Lyngdoh, Kamlesh and Sandeep Sharma claiming top honours. The three-day event was organized by the Dimapur Motor Sports Club, and over 60 participants took part.

There were a number of categories including an SUV category, above and below 1.1 category, a rookie category and the ladies category. Babit Lyngdoh won both the above 1.1 category and the Open category, with Sandeep Sharma finishing second in both. Kamlesh won the SUV class, while Sharma was a runner-up here as well. The full results are below:

Open Category: 1. Babit Lyngdoh (Meghalaya, 2:00.47); 2. Sandeep Sharma (Delhi, 2:03.22); 3. Dennis Assumi (DMSC, 2:04.28)

Above 1.1 category: 1. Babit Lyngdoh (Meghalaya, 2:03:81); 2. Sandeep Sharma (Delhi, 2:03:91); 3. Obeth (AMAM, 2:04.09)

SUV category: 1 Kamlesh (Meghalaya, 2:14.13); 2. Sandeep Sharma (Delhi, 2:14:50); 3. Denis Assumi (DMSC, 2:18.91)

Below 1.1 cc: Imli Pongen (2:06.50); 2. Atoka Awomi (2:09.78); 3. TomitoShohe (2:09.81)

Rookie: Imli Pongen (2:06.06); 2. Atoka Awomi (2:11.34); 3. Jaki Trang (2:11.41)

Special category (Lady): Phoebe (Meghalaya)

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