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30 July 2018

New Overfinch Range Rover: carbon fibre, bizarre upholstery

Latest Brit-modified Rangie adds lightness and unsuspecting animals to a 2.5-tonne 4x4

Ollie Kew
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Carbon fibre is modern shorthand for ‘I’ve modified this car to be lighter, sportier and most importantly, look as expensive as possible. Whether it’s a relatively humble hot hatch or a Pagani, the lightweight weave is everywhere.

Including 2,497kg Range Rovers. Land Rover enhancer Overfinch has made merry with the carbon for its latest modified Range Rover, extolling – without a hint of irony – the virtues of its lightness. Overfinch says: “The carbon fibre components not only reduce weight, but also allow customers to add unique design flourishes.”

Overfinch has decided to add larger front air intakes, deeper side skirts, and giant cast exhaust outlets featuring Bluetooth control, to open and close the valves at a moment’s notice. Because even Overfinch owners like to be subtle, sneaking under the radar, sometimes. Apparently. That’ll be why the company’s offering a choice of 22-inch or 23-inch rims – again said to reduce mass thanks to a lightweight design.

Inside the Overfinch superleggera, there’s more quilting than a bunk-bed emporium. This is the ‘standard’ Scottish-sourced leather finish, but Overfinch says it’s happy to cater to more esoteric upholstery requests, ‘including ostrich and shagreen’. Shagreen, since you ask, is produced from the skins of stingrays. An ostrich is a sort of giant bird/lamppost cross that thinks it’s Usain Bolt.

Prices? Well Overfinch doesn’t quote ‘em, because the idea is, as you’ve gussed, to go as wildly individual as possible. And frankly, if you can find another car today that’s part carbon fibre, part fish, we salute you.

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