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10 February 2012

Video: Formula race car in snow

Instructor takes single-seater out on the slippery surfaces of a cold Nürbürgring
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Call us romantics, but there's something majestic about a single seat race car drifting gracefully along a snow-covered circuit; like a ballet dancer on ice.

Case in point, Andy Gülden. He's the chief instructor of the Nürbürgring Driving Academy, and when faced with the troublesome spot of weather currently plaguing the UK and Europe, he decided against a tiresome moan to anyone that will listen about how rubbish the snow is.

No, he simply strapped himself into the Formula race car and proceeded to have himself a jolly good time. Thankfully, he recorded his snowy exploits so that we too, may enjoy a rare sight - the Green Hell under a blanket of snow.

This man has form: remember when he showed us how big his stones were by driving the same car on a rain-sodden ‘Ring?


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