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22 August 2018

Polaris dominates the 2018 Indian Baja

Rallyist Arindam Saikia and co-driver Jeevarathinam J were 20 minutes ahead of their closest rival
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It's not easy to compete in any form of motorsports; you need gonads made out of titanium. And rally-raids are one such sport where the drivers are tested to their limits. The India Baja covered a distance of more than 500km and the soaring temperature of Rajasthan could prove to be a little extreme for the participants. But, you know how passionate people are. They don't care about the discomfort or danger. Take rallyists Arindam Saikia and Jeevarathinam J for example. Driving the Polaris RZR 1000, they claimed the top-honours at the 2018 Indian Baja in the Xtreme category. Arindam Saikia and Jeevarathinam J were followed by Himanshu Arora and Kunal Kashyap of Harjee motorsports and Narayan Balan and Chirag Thakur in their rally-spec Maruti Suzuki Gypsy.

Covering more than 500km, the team showed a promising performance. The duo led the rally by more than 20 minutes at the finish. “India Baja 2018 has been an extremely positive rally for us. We had a trouble-free rally and the superb performance and built of the Polaris RZR made it easier for us lead the rally. It was fun to be in a challenging rally,” said Arindam Saikai.

Now, let’s talk about the machine – the Polaris RZR 1000. The off-roader is powered by a 1,000cc liquid-cooled motor. And once you tap the accelerator, you have 110bhp at your disposal. The monster from Polaris is equipped with a double wishbone suspension at the front with 16-inches of travel, and a trailing arm at the rear with 18-inch of travel. And you need that kind of heavy-duty suspension if you are going to tackle the enormous sand dunes of the Thar desert.

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