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10 September 2018

Jaguar Classic will give your old car new infotainment

Sick of only listening to AM radio? Get yourself a new head unit

Vijay Pattni
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Sacrilege, or about time? You be the judge of that. Jaguar Land Rover’s Classic division has decided to amp up old motors with brand new infotainment systems.

That’s right, no more crackling AM radio or aftermarket monstrosity. The new infotainment setup combines a 3.5-inch high-res touchscreen with actual rotary controls and buttons, audio, sat nav (with 32 languages on offer), smartphone connectivity, and even an internal microphone.

There are also an additional four ‘branded’ versions of the infotainment system: if you’ve got an old Jag, you’ll be offered a black or chrome faceplate finish, and if you’re running an old Landie, then it’s black or brushed aluminium for you.

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