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13 April 2012

Video: the Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse

The fastest roadster in the world – now starring in its own film…

Matthew Jones
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This is the most powerful production roadster ever. A fact we dutifully reported back in February this year, when Bugatti launched the Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse. And now you can see it in motion, casually destroying an Alp.

Which is precisely as spectacular as it sounds. And almost as spectacular as the Veyron's armada of confounding statistics: the GSV's got 1200 horsepowers and 1500 torques. That's 197bhp and 248Nm up from a standard Veyron thanks to larger turbochargers (four in total) and new intercoolers. It's got new fuel pumps (four of those, too), borrowed from the SS, to handle the GSV's thirst.

Drivetrain components have been beefed up, too - the guts of the DSG box have been reinforced, and the brakes and brake cooling improved. There are new dampers and the ESP stability management system's been adjusted to intervene a little later than before. According to VW engineers, that means it can generate lateral acceleration of up to 1.4g. Criminy.

Now watch, TopGear.commers.

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