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09 May 2012

Sebastian Vettel makes kung fu film

Yes, seriously. Although it’s not called The One-Finger Punch…

Matthew Jones
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Between races at this year's Chinese Grand Prix, young grasshopper, Sebastian Vettel, decided to UNLEASH THE POWER OF SHAOLIN all over the silver screen.

Yes, the fastest ever man around our TopGear track has shot his very own short martial arts film. He stars alongside Celina Jade (she's a "Hollywood actress" apparently) and generally fraps around, karate chopping badies while trying not to ruffle his sponsor's cap.

Why, we hear you snort? It's the first in a series of promotional events brought to you by Seb's guarantor, Infiniti cars. The marketers assure us that its "Inspired Performers" program - which this falls under - has lots to do with Japanese luxury cars.

What next? Kimi Raikkonen in his own 24-part vodka-soaked murder mystery in bleak northern Finland? Jensen Button in a period classic around the North Riding of Yorkshire? Lewis Hamilton signing up for ‘The Avengers Assemble In The Garage For A Quiet Word With The Pit Crew'?

Who knows... For now, here's Seb's effort:


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