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29 May 2012

Official: Clapton’s one-off Ferrari

Ferrari reveals pics of Eric Clapton's specially-built homage to the 512 BB

Vijay Pattni
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A couple of months ago, we brought you a rumour of a one-off Ferrari made to order for legendary guitarist Eric Clapton.

Today, it appears we were right, because that one-off Ferrari was made to order for legendary guitarist Eric Clapton, and it's quite a machine.

Officially announced by Ferrari, Clapton's Fezza is labelled the SP12 EC - where the letters EC are of course, his initials - and was designed by the Centro Stile Ferrari in collaboration with the good folks over at Pininfarina and Maranello's engineers.

The brief was simple: Clapton wanted a Ferrari that would pay homage to his most favourite model, the 512 BB. He's owned three, as it turns out. Ferrari tells us the car was inspired by the 512, with ‘influences' from the 458 Italia. That influence is, of course, the 4.5-litre, 570bhp V8. No flat-12, sadly, though it'll scarcely matter, considering the regular production 458 hits 100kph in 3.4 seconds and a top speed of 325kph.

Says Ferrari: "Meticulous attention in terms of style and technology was paid to the proportions and architecture of the SP12 EC - which is part of Ferrari's One-Off Programme - making this exceptional car even more significant.

"Just like music is created, applying the right notes in the right places to build a musical score, so was the creative process behind the SP12 EC."

Have a look, and let us know below what you make of the SP12 EC. Here's a hint: you think it's gorgeous. You want to petition Ferrari to make more.

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