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02 July 2012

Have a listen to the Viper GTS-R

Racing Viper does some track work at Virginia International Raceway. Just enjoy

Vijay Pattni
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Next year, the new Dodge Viper GTS-R will return to the racing world to contest a full season. This is Good News, principally because it sounds ruddy awesome.

That's because underneath that cocksure bonnet, a bonnet even Freud himself would raise an eyebrow at, sits a race-prepped V10 with many horsepowers. After all, the standard car - which TopGear got a world exclusive first peek at - produces 640bhp and 813Nm of torque.

This new GTS-R follows up a rich history for Vipers in endurance racing: in 1998 the Viper scored a 1-2 in the GTS Class, locked out the top six spots in 1999, and scored another victory in 2000. That's pedigree.

Gary Johnson, road racing manager for SRT Motorsports, said: "We've been out of that form of racing for quite a few years, but throughout that time, we maintained a very loyal fan base.

"The fans had always looked up to the Viper and had been hoping we would come back. This will help get the world out that we are ready, and we hope to race at Le Mans again some day."

This is how the Viper is getting ready - a shakedown run at the Virginia International Raceway. Enjoy.

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