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26 October 2010

Audi TT RS racer revealed


Raeder Motorsport teams up with Audi to create TT RS DTM edition. Scared?

Rumour has it, you even look at this thing in the face, it'll kill you. Its howls can be heard around the forested walls of the Nurburgring, and tales of its bodykit are told to scare naughty children...

This, TopGearers, is what a TT RS DTM-spec racer could look like. Could, because this is just a prototype, developed by Raeder Motorsport in conjunction with Audi.

At the last two rounds of the Nurburgring endurance championship, Raeder will contest the SP 4T class with this TT beastie as a test to see if the TT RS is a viable customer sport option. Which means, should the test be completed successfully, you could get your grubby mitts on a TT RS to go racing. Yay!

Not much info on the prototype as yet though. We do know it uses a five-cylinder TFSI engine (like the standard TT RS) and features 'racing-specific developments' in its bodywork, suspension and aerodynamics. Because, y'know, you couldn't ALREADY SEE THAT from the pictures.

Of some importance is the fact that the DTM-spec TT will 'adopt' some bits from the Audi R8 LMS, which in anyone's book, is Good News.

The TT RS almost spat in the face of the self-tan set with its pumped-up 340bhp attitude. This one sparks them clean out. We like.


Vijay Pattni
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