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EICMA 2018: BMW unveils the 2019 S 1000 RR

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It’s Christmas time for motorcyclists because EICMA is here and it has brought with it a whole bunch of new motorcycles to lust after. Leading the pack is this one – the new S 1000 RR. BMW says it is “lighter, faster and easier to control”. And with the list of changes they’ve made, it isn’t hard to believe.

The new engine and suspension make the motorcycle hit a peak output of 204bhp with a weight reduction of 11kg (which gets even lighter with the M package). But let's get into the details…

The engine is all new with optimised intake and exhaust system. But the big change is that it now gets a variable valve timing system that gives it usable power through the rev range. The intake and exhaust system is also a fair bit lighter than before.

BMW S 1000 RR 1

The chassis has been worked on a bit and the engine is more a stressed member than before. The more rigid chassis and revised geometry give it a more dynamic edge than before. It also gets an optional electronic suspension – Dynamic Damping Control. The engine itself will come with four riding modes as standard, but you will have the option of creating three more customised riding modes with your own combinations now. And controlling all the electronics on the bike will be a new six-axis sensor that sends information to the traction control systems, the ABS systems and the wheelie control systems.

Like all new bikes, the RR will now also get a full-colour TFT display with different, customizable layouts. Overall, the bike is now lighter, faster, more powerful, more usable, more dynamic, more high tech and also looks vastly different. Yes, read on…

The biggest change is the new look. Gone is the asymmetric front end that the RR was so famous for. Along the sides, the shark-inspired air ducts are still present. But the front has gone a more Yamaha way. The signature look has been traded in for a more symmetric headlight design. The layout itself is very sleek and aggressive, but we have a feeling the purists will cry foul.
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