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Honda to bring NSF 250R to India for elite racing series

Honda has announced exciting news with respect to developing motorsport in India. They have already started the Honda India Talent Cup, which aims to unearth racing talent in kids right from the age of 13. But now, to bridge the gap between the top Indian racers and the ones abroad, Honda will be bringing NSF 250R race machine to India to be raced in a separate championship.

This is huge news, as the NSF 250R is the base for Honda’s Moto3 machines, and will be now raced in India. The best riders out of the India Talent Cup will get a chance to race these machines. Honda is looking to groom younger talent with these machines – it has indicated that there will be a maximum age limit for youngsters racing these machines, though it hasn’t indicated what that cut will be. This will be run like a one-make series, and the competitors will have to pay a certain amount of money to take part. Again, Honda is being tight-lipped about the exact numbers but has indicated that it will be a nominal fee, not too much more than what they charge for the Talent Cup at the moment. That, despite the fact that the NSF machines and parts will be imported from Japan specifically for this championship. Ten motorcycles are already on their way here.

The NSF 250R is a pure racing machine – it is not a production motorcycle for the road. It gets a 249cc single cylinder engine that makes 47.6bhp and 28Nm – huge numbers for such a small capacity motorcycle. The engine has a front intake, with a rear exhaust manifold, with the cylinder being inclined 15 degrees to the rear. Crucially though, the entire motorcycle weighs just 84kg giving it a brilliant power to weight ratio. The frame is made of aluminium and the mass is centralised to keep it nimble on the track.

This championship will allow the top talent in India race on a machine worthy of international competition. This will grow their skill because it gives them access to elite machinery while pushing speeds and limits of the motorcycle even higher.

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