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Hyosung refreshes the GT250R

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This, ladies and gents, is the refreshed Hyosung GT250R. For those of you who're wondering if the image above is of the facelifted GT650R, it isn't. That is the revised GT250 alright.

It looks a fair bit different compared to the older bike with the reworked fairing and the new headlight, but if one was to place the 250 and the 650 next to each other, you'd be hard-pressed to tell which is which. Size-wise, they're practically the same, and in the absence of cubic capacity-denoting monikers, one can only distinguish between the two looking at the exhaust can - the 250's finished in aluminium, the 650's gets a matt finish - or the 250's slightly narrower tyres.

Everything stays unchanged mechanically, so the refreshed GT250 still employs the same 28bhp, 22.07Nm 249cc V-twin motor which is paired to a five-speed manual gearbox.

A formal launch is still a few days away, with a 'new' GT650R with new stickers to be launched alongside, but bookings for the freshened-up GT250R are open already, and you can have one for Rs 3.11 lakh on-road, Mumbai.

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