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It is named after the highest mountain range in the world, but the Himalayan’s pricing of Rs 1.79 lakh, on-road, Mumbai, brings it right down to sea-level. In essence, the Himalayan is an all-terrain motorcycle without any riding aids. It's a motorcycle you won't really have to modify when you venture off-road.

Yes, it’s built specifically to tackle some tough conditions and trying terrains, and it's got all the makings of a proper adventure motorcycle. The bare-bone styled motorcycle boasts 220mm of clearance, the multi-spoke wheels dressed for the outdoor party with knobby Ceat treads, good suspension travel (it's the first RE to have a monoshock at the rear), the front tyre hugger and a beak to stop mud and gunk from mucking up the works. It also gets a bash plate, and a wide handlebar coupled with a moderately firm seat that leads to comfortable hours of riding. Its new split cradle frame chassis itself is designed to accommodate luggage without any alteration.

The Himalayan, that's new from the ground up, is powered by Enfield's latest LS 410 carburetted engine that uses a balancer shaft that helps reduce vibrations. The 411cc, long stroke single delivers an adequate 24.5bhp and a relatively healthy 32Nm of torque. The air-cooled motor is mated to a five speed constant mesh that's geared to endure you get through the rough stuff.

The layout and design of the instrument cluster is great. The analogue section of the Himalayan's display tells the bike’s speed and engine speed, while the digital section houses additional information - like an odometer, two trips with average consumption, gear position, clock, ambient temperature, for some reason a digital compass as well. While fit and finish levels are good, the only thing about this motorcycle that is questionable about the Himalayan is its 182kg weight, due to the composite materials gone into making this motorcycle. But there's much more to this motorcycle than meets the eye - on paper, and in the flesh.

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