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Suzuki GSX-S750 coming on 24th April

Here’s some exciting moto-news! Remember the GSX-S750 that Suzuki promised us at the Auto Expo? The time has come for that promise to become a reality. We’ve just received word that we will be getting our hands on the 750 on the 24th of April! Are we excited? Hell yes!

Why are we excited? Because we know just how spectacular the GSX-S1000 was and if that’s anything to go by, the 750 should be downright ridiculous. Besides, unlike the 1000, the 750 does not use an older version of the GSX-R’s motor. The GSX-S750 uses the same engine that the GSX-R750 uses. Of course, there is a slight change in compression and power output. But Suzuki has tuned this motorcycle to maximize acceleration. That means a shorter final gear ratio.

The 749cc inline four makes 112bhp and 81Nm of torque. It gets a full suite of electronics to manage all that power too – traction control and ABS. The styling is similar to the 1000 and in being that, it is a super aggressive design. The kind that makes you wet your pants a little. And if it’s anything like its bigger brother, it’ll be a hoot to ride too.

As far as we’re concerned, we can't wait to ride the motorcycle. Stay tuned to our social media feeds closer to the date to get all the dirt on this new Suzuki!

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