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Suzuki unveils 150cc Gixxer motorcycle, and 110cc Let's scooter

While everyone knew Suzuki had a media event today in Mumbai, it was assumed that they will be showing off the Inazuma. But looks like Suzuki surprised everyone by launching its 150cc motorcycle and 110cc scooter instead.

'Gixxer' is the slang name used for the GSX sports bike series from Suzuki; like the GSX-R1000. So Suzuki has made that name official for its new 150cc motorcycle, which is formally called - Gixxer. We assume, it's to make it clear that this bike is more towards the sporty end of the market, rather than a premium commuter bike.

Both two-wheelers are powered by the new SEP engine, which stands for Suzuki Eco Performance

The Gixxer sports a 155cc single-cylinder motor linked to a 5-speed transmission for better fuel efficiency. And comes with a disc brake upfront and drum at the rear. Suzuki hopes the Gixxer will give it a strong footing in the 150cc segment where the company hasn't launched a bike in the last five years. Gixxer will go up against the Yamaha FZ-16 and the Honda CB Trigger.

And now for the scooter which has been named - 'Let's'. Yes, that's the name. The full name... Let's. This gearless scooter gets a smaller 112cc single-cylinder motor, and it marks Suzuki's first launch in the 110cc scooter segment. The motor makes 8.5bhp and 9Nm of torque channelled via a CVT transmission. Though Suzuki already has Access and Swish as family scooters, Let's will be their entry into personal mobility space.

Both two-wheelers are powered by the new SEP engine, which stands for Suzuki Eco Performance. They claim that it offers top-class mileage without a compromise on power. The Let's will be launched at the Auto Expo in Delhi next week, and Gixxer will be launched by July-August 2014.

But before you go, we'd love to hear your opinions on Suzuki's new naming conventions. Here's the official tagline for the Let's scooter for inspiration - Let's karte hain.

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