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If you have a WTF* expression when you see this machine, you’re not alone. This is KTM’s take on your domesticated scooter with a dash of motocross madness.

As you can see, KTM has an aversion to anything curved – exception being the wheels. This can especially be seen upfront, where the traditional full-front shield has been discarded for a two-part air deflectors upfront. Moving to the rear, things get a tad bit scooter-like with a conventional one-piece seat and floorboard.  

The E-Speed is powered by an electric motor that makes 14.8bhp and 36Nm of torque that sends power to the rear wheel via a belt drive. KTM claims, the 4.36kWh battery packs enough juice to power the E-Speed to a top wrack of 85kph and a range of 64km. Braking power comes from 220mm disc brakes (front and rear), that provide regenerative braking to charge the onboard battery.

For now this off-road moto-scooter is just a concept, but we are sure KTM is gauging pubic reaction closely before green lighting the E-Speed for production.

*What the Flowers. Really!

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