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Venkatesh Shetty wins the 2018 Monsoon Scooter Rally

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If you are under the assumption that you need a highly-modified car or a motorcycle to take part in a rally, then you are wrong. You can also have fun on a, err, scooter. And the annual JK Tyre Monsoon Scooter Rally is a proof of that. The 2018 edition Monsoon Rally was recently held at Sarul, Maharashtra, and Mumbai's Venkatesh Shetty has emerged victorious.

The Mumbai-based rider, finished the three-lap course in 19m:13s. Shetty was followed by Zeeshan Sayed and Syed Asif Ali, who crossed the line in 21m:36s and 22m:19s, respectively. 34 riders from Mumbai, Pune, Bhopal, Vadodara, Raigad, Panvel and Nashik took part in this annual slushfest.

The event sees all India-made scooters battling it out through the water-logged terrain. The rally is divided in to three categories – two-stroke scooters between 80cc to 110cc (S-1), four-stroke scooters from 80cc to 210 cc (group B) and geared scooters between 110cc to 160cc (S-2).

Here’s a look at the results:
Overall Winners:
1. Venkatesh Shetty
2. Zeeshan Sayed
3 Syed Asif Ali

S1 — 2 Stroke
1. Rohan Thakur
2. Nilesh Thakare
3. Mohasin Shaikh

S2 — geared Scooter
1. Manjit Singh Bassan
2. Chinmay Bisht
3. Vicky Jaskaransingh

S-1 to S-3 — 4 Stroke:
1.Venkatesh Shetty
2. Zeeshan Sayed
3. Syed Asif Ali

Ladies Class — Open (Group B):
1. Amruta Guruji
2. Priyanka Singh

Venkatesh Shetty wins the 2018 Monsoon Scooter Rally
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