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A Nissan GT-R has just set a drifting world record

A presumably very brave man has just set the Guinness World Record to end all Guinness World Records.

Using a specially modified rear-wheel drive Nissan GT-R Nismo, Japanese drift champion Masato Kawabata set the record for the fastest drift with a 190mph, 30 degree slide at Fujairah International Airport in the UAE.

The GT-R was modified by Nismo & GReddy Trust. Together they turned the wick up to 1,361bhp and chucked away the front driveshaft to make it RWD. It was tested at Japan’s Fuji Speedway before being flown out to the Middle East, where it set the record on Fujairah’s 3km-long runway.

Kawabata only had three attempts to set the record, in line with Guinness rules. The record was formerly held by Poland’s Jakub Przygo?ski, who set his 135mph record in 2013.

Nissan, send us the video. Immediately, ‘cos we’ve got to see this.

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