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The Audi RS5 is nothing more than a beefed up A5, which is a coupe based on the Audi A4. So what you would get is a fancy, compact executive that goes faster than other compact executives. And can seat two less people. You can’t be so further away from the truth. Well, it does seat two less people, actually it can seat four people, but two of them have to be below ten and for some strange reason, the rear seats get AC vents. Have the Germans gone bonkers?

With the RS5 I think they most definitely have. This isn’t a powerful car to drive. It’s almost frightening. The noise this 4.2-litre 444bhp V8 makes falls under categories that read ‘violent’, ‘gory’, or ‘evil’ rather than simply loud. The best part? You don’t have to be on the other side of 200 to enjoy this machine. You can give yourself or others a scare even if you are trundling along at 50kph and suddenly downshift two gears.

The gears, by the way work best when you use the paddles behind the wheel. Though, we would have liked its response to be more immediate than it is. But you wouldn’t care about that when you are hurtling down at 250kph, expecting the speedo to stop  climbing. But it doesn't. It goes on to 275 and you start running out of road and courage. Turns out the thing is electronically restricted to 280 and not 250kph. And without the restriction, we think the RS5 can easily cross 300.

The one thing we adore is this car’s ability to exponentially raise its level of drama. 120 feels like 150. 180 feels like 220. And 250 feels like pouring in your life’s savings in a casino. Besides, the car is properly usable. It negotiates most speed-bumps and potholes. You can see well out of the car from all four sides. And the boot can take anything a conventional sedan can. And at around Rs. 95 lakh on the road, we think this is a bargain.


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