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Bajaj Auto launches the Qute in Maharashtra

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Bajaj Auto has launched the Qute in Maharashtra. Unlike everything else on the market with four wheels, this is not really a car; the Qute is the first quadricycle to go on sale in India.

The small size of the vehicle enables it to be hurtled around by a small-sized engine. The Qute is available with two 216.6cc engine variants; a 10.8bhp, 16.1Nm CNG engine and a 13bhp, 18.9Nm petrol engine. This makes it quite economical to run in city traffic. The other handy trait this has is a 3.5m turning radius which makes it all the more convenient to drive in the cities.

Bajaj Auto believes that conventional cars are needlessly big, heavy, powerful, and inefficient, and occupy too much space on the road in proportion to the number of people they can transport. They are targeting people seeking simple, low cost and practical transportation. This vehicle is intended to be used for the 'last-mile' journeys within the city and reduce congestion caused by larger cars being used for intra-city travel.

Following the immense success of the Bajaj RE Compact (a.k.a. the auto rickshaw) in the intra-city transport segment, Bajaj hopes that this quadricycle will replace the large and ungainly hire cars and provide a cheap and simple alternative to personal transportation. 

Bajaj Qute

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