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Can you guess what this Honda is?

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Honda has announced plans to reveal a new concept car at the upcoming Beijing Motor Show. It will be a 'new model exclusively developed for the Chinese market', and we have no idea what it is.

We can tell you it will be developed in conjunction with Guangqi Honda Automobile Co, and Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co. And doesn't it looks a little like a mutant Honda CR-Z? We're inclined to think it actually looks rather nice, too.

Not that this should come as a surprise, because Honda has form in concept car design. From the humble, too-cute-for-words S600 Kei car concept we saw at Tokyo last year, to the gorgeous NSX supercar that should eventually see production before the century is out. We even got a Civic R Concept at Geneva earlier this year that will definitely get made.

So, we have no idea on whether this Chinese-market only concept will be a hybrid, or exactly how big it will be, or what name it will take. Nada. So here we throw it out to you - can you try and guess what this Honda is all about? Best answers get nothing more than a knowing nod of appreciation.


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