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Driving Test: Hormazd Sorabjee

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Did you pass your driving test the first time? What was it like?
A blind man could pass a driving test in India the first time! The guy who took my test made me drive around in a circle. It lasted two minutes.

Who taught you to drive?
My dad. I would sit on his lap on Polo Ground in Mahabaleshwar and steer. When I was 12, my feet could reach the pedals.

What car did you learn to drive in?
The family car – a 1956 Dodge Kingsway.

What was the first car you bought?
A used Maruti 800, in 1988, for Rs 50,000. I took it straight to the garage and put a roll cage in it. It was my rally car then.

What was the worst car you’ve ever driven?
Sipani Montana diesel. It sounded like a tractor and drove like one too.

What’s the best car you’ve ever bought?
BMW 325i (E30). It’s a pure driving experience, unspoiled by electronics and driver aids.

What’s your dream car?
Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona – a classic that still looks gorgeous.

Who and what caused your first crash?
Pushed a bit too hard in the 1986 Himalayan Rally and I rolled my Maruti Gypsy. My 72-year-old co-driver was asleep – he woke up upside down.

Are you a good driver?
Ask my wife.

What’s the worst thing a passenger can say when you’re driving?
Again, ask my wife.

How clean is your licence?
Squeaky clean! A bit tattered, though.

What’s the fastest you have ever driven?
Around 300kph in a maxed out Ferrari F430 in Hungary.

Where’s your favourite place to drive in the world?
Believe it or not – India! If you search hard, you can find some brilliant roads.

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