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Fancy the new A4? You will after reading this deal

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You don’t have to wait till Diwali or New Year’s eve to get that discount on that luxury car. Stiff competition, a slowing economy and high interest rates have all meant that almost all car manufacturers are finding it extremely difficult to shift cars from showroom floors onto the roads.

German giant, Audi is now offering a massive Rs 4 lakh discount (or roughly 12 percent of the car’s price) on its current A4 saloon. As part of the deal you get Rs 2.5 lakh cash discount straight away. You also get an additional exchange bonus of Rs 1.5 lakh if you decide to get your current car exchanged at the Audi dealership, the caveat being that the car should have come for at least Rs 8 lakh when brought new.

This offer is available on the popular 2.0 TDi as well as the 1.8 TFSI versions. This means you can get the 1.8 TFSI for just a little over Rs 26 lakh (on-road, Delhi) while the 2.0 diesel will cost you around Rs 28 lakh (on-road, Delhi). This is also Audi’s way of taking on BMW, which still has some stock of last-gen 3 Series that they are selling for a Rs 5 lakh cash discount.


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