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1. Be ahead of the curve
Electric cars are the technology of the future. Drive one today and let the herd follow you in times to come.

2. An electric car has an extremely low running cost…
We are talking about a running cost of less than a rupee a kilometre. That's almost 80 per cent cheaper than the average running cost of an equivalent petrol car.

Cost per 100 km*

Petrol Automatic Hatchback

Electric Hatchback

Rs 550

Rs 80

*Under Standard Assumptions

3. …and a very low maintenance cost
With only 20 moving parts, for example in an e2oPlus, as compared to an average 2000 in a petrol/diesel-powered car, an electric car has almost zero maintenance.

4. Charge the car any time, in the comfort of your home or office
Just plug the car into any 16Amp socket (the one used for ACs and Refrigerators) and you’re good for an easy-breezy drive in the city.

5. Electric cars have zero emission
That basically means, no air pollution. And we all know that our cities need a break from pollution of every kind.

6. Very easy to drive
It’s direct-drive transmission, gives you the same ease of drive as an automatic transmission.

7. Accelerated Depreciation Benefit for the self-employed and businesses
If the car is registered in your company’s name, you can show 40% depreciation in the first year itself and save on income tax. In comparison, a petrol or diesel car gives you only 15% depreciation.

8. Electric cars are connected cars
These cars are telematics-enabled and can be controlled by a remote Smart Phone app. You can precool your car, check the charge status and many other things while sitting in the comfort of your room.

9. Electric cars are silent
Enjoy your music more than ever, or just enjoy the noiseless drive. They are so silent, that you would wonder if the power system is really ‘on’.

10. For the next Generation
We all want to see our children healthy and living in a more beautiful world that we live in now. When you buy an electric car you negate up to 16,000kgs of CO2 in its lifetime. That’s equivalent to planting 1600 trees.

If we have convinced you to buy an electric car, then head to your nearest Mahindra showroom and test drive the Mahindra e2oPlus and eVerito. Visit to book a test drive.

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