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IPEC Drive Systems to manufacture world's first 'one-cell' electric powertrain in India

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By now, you may have digested the fact that the future of electric vehicles depends on electricity. Most of the carmakers will either bring an all-electric model or introduce some sort of hybrid technology attached to the fossil fuel powered powertrain. Manufacturers such as Rimac and Tesla have been at the top of this game, but there’s a new company who says that it is “going to revolutionise the light electric vehicle industry”.

Enter IPEC Drive Systems. IPEC has joined hands with the Finnish company, L7 and is going to manufacture the world’s first ‘one-cell’ battery. You see, unlike other electric cars that are fitted with hundreds of small batteries, L7 has developed one single Li-ion battery that powers an electric vehicle. The manufacturer claims that the battery has “superior vehicle range, enhanced performance and increased reliability”.

“We believe that the versatility of this technology is especially suitable for OEMs requiring a simple and reliable powertrain solution for e-mobility applications in a wide variety of environments,” says Pentti Bruun, member of the board, IDS. IPEC Drive System also claims that the L7 will eliminate the use of battery management system. And for those who don’t know what battery management system is, it collects all the useful data such as the state of the batteries, electrical current, charge level and so on. So, how helpful will be eliminating such an important system from an e-vehicle is yet to be seen.

In a statement, Vinod Sharma, Chairman, IDS, said, “The developing world, in particular, could see a rapid growth in LEVs with improved range and performance, lower costs and maintenance becoming simpler”.
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