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JK Tyre launches Ranger

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To make the most of the Indian market's new-found love for SUVs, JK Tyre has launched its exclusive range of multi-terrain tyres, called 'Ranger'.

JK claims the rubber used for this special tyre consists of a dual-tread compound that can take the extra pounding from weekend off-roading, and not to mention, the deep grooves on it that provide some extra grip and control for SUVs. The Ranger series is available with two specifications; Ranger H/T, for all the SUV-like road warriors (read soft-roaders), spending most of their lives on the tarmac; and Ranger A/T, something for the serious off-roaders, tackling boulders, rocks and the like.

Apart from offering better grip, JK Tyres also claims the Ranger series will improve overall handling and braking characteristics. It’s also making a bold claim that SUVs shod with Rangers will do the 100-0kph (dry) and 80-0kph (wet) drills in 4 seconds flat, irrespective of the car model.

Plus, it doesn’t matter if your SUV costs Rs 10 lakh or Rs 1 crore. JK says its Ranger A/T and H/T series will work with every SUV on sale in India.

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