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Lambo Aventador chases the Batmobile

This is quite literally the coolest picture you will see today. It's a matt black Lamborghini Aventador chasing down the Batmobile.

But far from posing a problem for the existentialist amongst you - after all, how can Bruce Wayne's car from The Dark Knight Rises possibly chase Batman's car from, erm, Batman - it is just another example of California being, well, quite California.

Caught on film by the Lamborghini Club Orange County, a goldRush Rally member was casually driving along in her LP-700 when lo and behold, she spotted the Batmobile and its tiny counterpart, dubbed the ‘BatSmart'. Look at its little face!

Actually, that BatSmart was built by car customiser George Barris, who - you might recall - was the creator of the original, 1960s Batmobile. Hence the rear-mounted wings, upwards-facing exhaust pipes and red piping. Batman on a budget, if you will.

Sadly, they're not actually owned by Batman/Bruce Wayne, but by American comedian Jeff Dunham, who enlisted a friend to cruise around the streets of Orange County possibly to remind criminals that the city doesn't belong to them. It belongs to him.

The picture was snapped by another goldRush Rally member, sitting opposite in her Lamborghini Gallardo, when both Lambos decided to give chase. Have a click through the gallery to see more pics, and then tell us: which is your favourite Batmobile, this one, the original 1960s one (which recently sold at auction), or the ‘Tumbler' from the latest trilogy?

We've had a ride in that tank, complete with a 400bhp Chevy V8. It's loud. And quite terrifying... rides shotgun in the 'Tumbler' Batmobile

Pictures courtesy of goldRush Rally

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