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Listed: diesel cars banned in Delhi-NCR

Here's a look at what the Supreme Court has said you can't purchase for the next three months, people of Delhi

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Isuzu The MU-7 may be BS-4 compliant, but since it is propelled by a diesel engine measuring in excess of 2000cc, it has to go off shelves for a while.

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Mitsubishi You guessed it - no Pajero Sport for folks up north for the next few months.

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Diesel variants of the Macan, Panamera and more importantly, the Cayenne, will not be on sale during this period.

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The Sumo Gold, Movus and Aria are out, and so is the Safari Storme, which means the people of Delhi will have to wait some more to see what the more powerful diesel engine is like. It also remains to be seen what effect this ruling has on the Hexa, a car Tata is currently working on.

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