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Lotus says merry Christmas with a drifty Evora

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Say hello to Lotus’ Christmas card to all you lot – a Ken Block-style video featuring the Evora GT410 Sport, filmed at the company’s Hethel HQ on what looks like a very rainy day indeed…

Not that Lotus would’ve cared. More water means less grip, and that’s precisely what you want when you’re trying to drift around a mini-roundabout, or around a couple of quite-expensive-looking Exiges.

Lotus doesn’t reveal who was behind the wheel of the very yellow, very loud Evora for this stunt, but we suspect it’s a man who spends his days making Lotuses go very quickly, and very not sideways. Filming this was probably all his Christmases come at once.

Oh, and we can’t mention the Christmas tree, which is held in place and upright by a special mount attached to the Evora’s rear-end. Can’t have done the weight distribution any favours.

The video also features a couple of cars from the company’s past – the Esprit from 007 film The Spy Who Loved Me, plus a JPS-liveried Type 72 F1 car inexplicably parked on the Elise production line…
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