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If the Bolero, Scorpio, Quanto, Xylo, XUV500 and Thar didn't provide you enough options of vehicular utility, Mahindra & Mahindra has added yet another to its SUV line-up to give you one more choice. Enter the TUV300. Yes, the new compact SUV sticks to the same 'O'-inspired philosophy, which means it’s not pronounced as TUV three-hundred, it’s TUV 'three-oh-oh'. *cough

On the design front, Mahindra's designers have taken inspiration from a battle tank, and took some inputs from Pininfarina. The SUV certainly looks like its ready to see some action on the battlefront - with its high approach and departure angles and 184mm of ground clearance.

The TUV300 sits on an all-new, third-generation ladder-frame platform that's been derived from the new Scorpio. This platform will form the base for future Mahindras. Beneath that flat bonnet lies a new member of the mHawk engine family - the mHawk80. The 1.5-litre, 3-cylinder motor puts out 84bhp and 230Nm of grunt with the help of double-stage turbos.

Mahindra TUV300 image gallery

All that power is sent to the rear wheels (yup, it's a rear-wheel drive SUV!) via a 5-speed gearbox.The TUV300 will also be available with a 5-speed AMT (or autoSHIFT, in Mahindra-speak) gearbox in the higher variants. Speaking of which, there will be a total of seven variants - T4, T4+, T6, T6+, T6+ autoSHIFT, T8 and T8+ autoSHIFT.

Prices start at Rs 6.9 lakh for the base variant, while the top-end T8+autoSHIFT SUV, at Rs 9.12 lakh (all prices ex-showroom, Mumbai) gets the works - cornering headlamps, steering-mounted controls, voice command, dual-tone interior, Micro-Hybrid tech, ABS, EBD... but no 50 cal rifle roof-mount. The T4 and T6 variants can be specced with safety equipment, as they're optional on those trims.

The USP of the TUV300, according to Mahindra, is just as that of any tank - its toughness and go-anywhere capability - and as of now, company officials say the 5+2 flexible seater, TUV, will be offered with 4WD as an option in the future.

TUV300 ex-showroom Mumbai prices

T4 Rs 6.9 lakh
T4+ Rs 7.25 lakh
T6 Rs 7.55 lakh
T6+ Rs 7.8 lakh
T6+ AMT Rs 8.52 lakh
T8 Rs 8.4 lakh
T8 AMT Rs 9.12 lakh

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