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Meet Gemballa’s 339kph Panamera

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'We don't want to make exaggerated fantasy claims, and instead seek to wow our customers with actual facts,' says Gemballa. Actual facts, and vast, vast quantities of horsepower.

So what exactly is Gemballa unwilling to make exaggerated fantasy claims about? This car here: a modified Porsche Panamera pushing out 700bhp and weighing in at over two tonnes (2,045kg to be exact). At the Nardo high-speed circuit, this very car - a customer car, no less - clocked a top speed of 338.8kph.

Why is this significant? According to Gemballa, this makes the Megamera the world's fastest over-two-tonne street-legal saloon, which it's fair to say hasn't been a hotly-contested category in the past. It does however, fall into a category we are aware of, in that its bloody fast. The ‘standard' 520bhp V8 Turbo Panamera runs to 304kph and is therefore no slouch. But 339kph? Sheesh.

The Panamera Turbo's standard 22-inch wheels, rear-seat entertainment, and even aero were left unaltered to achieve this top speed. Gemballa simply upped the twin-turbo V8 engine to 700bhp, and sent it to Italy. And not only will it do 339kph, it'll also go from 0-100kph in 3.3 seconds, 0-200kph in 9.6 seconds and 0-300kph in 26.5 seconds. Actual facts, right there.

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