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Next up from Ares Design, a Tesla Model S Roadster

More renderings of future products from Ares Design have landed on the internet. The Modena-based coachbuilder fronted by Dany Bahar and already mooting a retro Ferrari 412-inspired GTC4 Lusso and reborn DeTomaso Pantera is now mulling a more modern-looking product. It’s a drop-top Tesla Model S.

Interestingly, Ares has chosen to brand it the Tesla Model S ‘Roadster’, not ‘Cabriolet’ or ‘Convertible’. But don’t be confused – this has nothing to do with Tesla’s own plans for a 400kph, 0-96kph in 1.9sec Roadster.

Ares’s drawings point to a rebodied rear half of the Model S sedan, minus two doors, a roof (of course), and featuring a double-bubble buttress arrangement. It also looks like it’s grown some altered bumpers with sportier addenda.

A price, you say? An arrival date? Unknown, we’re afraid. But this does beg a question: how will the quietness of EVs affect our enjoyment of the open-top cars of tomorrow?
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