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Rare McLaren F1 sells for Rs 30 crore+

It might be quite a few crores off the sale price of Sir Stirling Moss's old Ferrari 250 GTO, but this McLaren F1 is still ruddy expensive.

It's just sold for over Rs 30 crore, making it the most expensive ‘modern supercar' ever sold.

Of course, Sir Stirling's old Ferrari is actually the most expensive car ever sold, changing hands for Rs 190 crore earlier this year. But of course, that car is older than time itself, made even before the advent of the George Foreman grill. *shudders

No, this shiny grey McLaren still ranks as one of the most desirable supercars of the modern era, packing enough firepower even today to remind those young pups what proper, naturally-aspirated horsepower tastes like; remember what happened when Hammond put it up against the Bugatti Veyron? Some humble pie was eaten that day.

Tom Hartley Jr is the gentleman responsible for the record sale, refusing to specify exactly how much it went for, saying only that it was 'in excess of Rs 30 crore'. That's quite a jump from the Rs 21.9 crore a McLaren F1 sold for just four years ago at auction.

Says Tom: 'When you compare it to the Bugatti Veyron you appreciate the Veyron's technology, but the F1 is much rarer and for its time, was so advanced.'

Indeed. The F1 boasted a 6.1-litre BMW V12 engine developing 627bhp, propelling its centrally mounted driver from 0-100kph in just 3.2 seconds and - where legal, naturally - onto a top speed of 390kph.

Of course, the new buyer will join a very elite group of McLaren F1 owners, two of which have graced TopGear's shoddy little studio with their presence: step forward Rowan Atkinson and Jay Leno.

A worthy investment, correct? Or would you rather buy a Renault Duster and spend the remaining money on cheese and onion crisps? While you're deliberating, have a look at shiny orange pictures of the McLaren F1's successor: the McLaren P1.

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