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Renault has launched the much awaited Duster today. After months of teasing, Renault has finally made its mini SUV available India, and not a minute too late. The monsoons are approaching and given the condition of the roads, we'll say it's here just in time.

The idea of a mini SUV is great for the Indian buyer, and when Renault says budget it means budget. The base Duster RxE petrol is equipped with a 1.6 litre 103 bhp engine and is priced at Rs 7.19 lakhs ex-showroom Delhi. Diesel is available with a 1.5 litre diesel engine (also seen in the Nissan Sunny) and is available in two stages of tune. The 84bhp version gets a 5-speed manual while the 108bhp SUV will have a 6-speed manual.

The following are the ex-showroom Delhi prices of the new Renault Duster:


RxE - Rs 7.19 lakh
RxL -  Rs 8.19 lakh


Diesel 84bhp:

RxE -  Rs 7.99 lakh
RxL - Rs 8.99lakh
RXL optional pack - Rs 9.99 lakh


Diesel 108bhp

RxL - Rs 9.99 lakh
RxZ - Rs 10.99 lakh
RXZ optional pack - Rs 11.29 lakh

Ex-showroom, Mumbai prices of the Renault Duster:

Petrol: ?RxE - Rs 7.47 lakh, ?RxL -  Rs 8.52 lakh

Diesel 84bhp:
RxE -  Rs 8.31 lakh, ?RxL - Rs 9.36 lakh, ?RXL optional pack - Rs 10.41 lakh

Diesel 108bhp
RxL - Rs 10.41 lakh, ?RxZ - Rs 11.46 lakh,? RXZ optional pack - Rs 11.77 lakh

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