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Renault sales shoot up with the Duster

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Here’s one that you could have seen coming. Renault has overtaken Honda and Skoda in the monthly sales department last month thanks to the success of the Duster SUV. Speaking to us on the sidelines of the Indian GP last weekend Renault officials happily informed us that the French company achieved this feat in just a little over 18 months of operations.

Don’t expect this to be just a flash in the pan for the French giant, which has well over 20,000 Duster bookings in its bag. SUV-crazy Indians can’t get enough of the Duster which currently has a 3-4 month waiting period on the diesel versions. The company had also hiked prices by Rs 40,000 but even that failed to dampen buyer interests.

That’s another reason why the company isn’t keen on sharing a re-badged Duster with alliance partner Nissan, who are desperate to get the Duster under their badge and sell it at a price undercutting Renault’s version. Renault's overall position in India, however, could do better. Considering how new they are, the need to spruce up their dealer and after-sales network, in order to keep the momentum going and stay in the top ten sales list.

Renault is on a good streak, do you think they can sustain it? Let us know in the comments below.

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