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Save Rs 60,000 on Ritz petrol

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Maruti’s decision to launch the new-look Ritz only in the diesel version has now put the petrol variant of the car at a massive discount. Dealers tell us that the petrol version of the Ritz will be arriving in the next couple of months.

As part of the deal you get Rs 35,000 cash discount, an additional Rs 5,000 discount if you work for a company approved by Maruti. There’s also Rs 25,000 additional discount to be had in case you decide to get your current car exchanged at the Maruti dealership. If you add all these, then the base version of the car comes in at just Rs 3.97 lakh (on-road, Delhi). That's a 15 percent knock off from its regular on-road price.

But for the value-seekers, the big news is that with this offer, you actually save well over Rs 1.8 lakh over the diesel version. You have to admit it's a pretty good deal, right TopGearers? Let us know in the comments below.

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