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Speccing a McLaren 720S just got trickier

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Buying a McLaren can’t be the easiest process in the world. Once you’ve chosen which slice of carbon-tubbed, V8 twin-turbo two-seater you’d like, you then have to home in on all the details. Colours. Trims. Materials. Thanks to McLaren’s MSO division, your choices are quite literally endless.

MSO provides a helping hand with its ‘themes’, though. We saw the rather bold 720S Velocity back when the supercar was first revealed, and the cars above are the Track and Pacific.

First, Track. Naturally. That’s the white’n’orange one, its colour scheme aping McLaren’s Formula 1 cars from the 1980s. Ayrton Senna era.

Just look at the little orange Kiwi on the wing mirrors, too, a nod to the New Zealand birthplace of company founder Bruce McLaren. Inside, you can have six-point harnesses in place of regular seatbelts if you really want to embrace the 720’s trackability. Yeah, it’s a word…

Then there’s the Pacific. It’s meant to be a bit more luxurious, and it “delves into the blue of the world’s largest and deepest ocean for its inspiration”. Or, in plain English, there’s blue everywhere. On the body panels, on the seats. Even the carbon is blue.

It’s just the tip of the iceberg (pun intended) of what you can apply to a McLaren 720S, though. Good luck speccing yours…

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